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Our Mission

Our mission here at Blissful Creations 4U is to educate and promote self-care to all of our customers. In today’s world surrounded by chaos we hope to bring you peace and joy.

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Hi and welcome to our website. My name is Charlene Bell the CEO and Founder of Blissful Creations 4U. I am an U.S Army Veteran and a mother of four beautiful children currently residing in the historic state of GEORGIA. During the COVID 19 shutdown in March 2020, just like many of you, I too decided to begin my journey as a small business owner. It started off making hair jewelry then I decided to create my first brand of hair products call Locscent. Here at Blissful Creations 4U we make all of our products out of love and patience. We strive to serve the best customer service and professionalism. I hope you enjoy my products as much as we do creating them. 

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